Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

4 Session Story Workshop

This is a four part writing workshop. Either delivered in two sessions in person or in 4 separate online sessions.  The workshop uses Jo Hall’s story  ‘The Door Depot’  for use an example. An audio version of the book will be given to the class to use for the duration of the workshops. 

Session 1 – Hello & getting ideas together. How do you get ideas for a story and what do you do with your ideas? Jo can suggest a place that your story can start for this project … 

Session 2 – Building Worlds … building the world where your story will take place.  Thinking about the setting of your story …using your senses to build the world and make it come alive.

Session 3  – Characters… who will your characters be? How do you create them? Let’s hot seat our characters and find out more about them. 

Session 4 – Having a structure for your story. Thinking about how your story will start and finish and looking at the drama on the way.  Getting the building blocks in place ….and away you go. 

Lifting The Story Off The Page Workshop

A half day workshop about sound effects and dialogue. 

This workshop is all about writing and sound. Looking at how we can add dialogue and sound effects into our writing to make it  more effective when it is spoken aloud. Thinking about voices, speech and making sound effects. This is also about performance and what it takes to make a good audio recording of your work. It is a great confidence boosting workshop.

This is a stand alone workshop but is a great add on to the  4 session writing workshop.

Note: This workshop can be extended for a full day and so we can do audio recordings of more children’s work. 

Writing Worlds (45 mins)

In this workshop the class is encouraged to build a world or location for their story or stories to happen. We will look at having ‘rules’ and also using all of our senses to create a magical space for our story to happen. During the workshop children will be encouraged to share their creations. A story task will be left with the children complete.

Building Characters Workshop (45 mins)

A great characters make for great stories. In this workshop we will be looking at how we can create some great characters, who will help us tell our story. There will be ‘hot seating’ and the class will be asked to share their creations with the class. This workshop is also a great confidence builder. A story task will be left with the children complete.

Bespoke Workshops

If you are looking for something special or specific for your class please email Jo and discuss what you are looking for. johanna.hall200mm@gmail.com

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