Choose from a range of audio, video and animation workshops. Click on the workshop title to find more information.

Audio Experience 

Audio Experience Half day

This workshop starts by exploring sounds and making sound effects and audio stings. The children will make their own sound effects from objects available in the classroom. 

We look at the sound recording kit we are using and discover how we can record the best sound by using the kit in certain ways and different locations.   

The children will learn what a good vox pop is and we will record one (or more if time allows) The subject matter for the session can be discussed in advance and fit into class topics.  

The children will be planning/ scripting/ recording (as a team) and editing their own material. 

Audio Experience Whole day

AM – As half-day session.

PM – Building on their knowledge the young people will learn to prepare and record a proper interview.

They will edit this and together with the morning’s voxpop material as a short audio podcast with presenter links. 

The children will come up with questions/try interviewing/ be interviewed/ scripting/ do recording (as a team)/ editing. 

By the end of the day we will have a short audio podcast. 

Audio Hints and Tips Workshop – 45 mins

This is a ‘How To’ session about how to get the best from your ipad when doing audio recording sessions.  Also covered:-

  • Using apps
  • The difference using an external microphone makes  
  • Where to record 
  • Confidence when being recorded  

There will be time in the session to try out some recording of your own….send your recording files (after the session) and get feedback. 

Video Experience

Video Experience Half Day

We start the session by looking at the equipment we are using and seeing how to get the best pictures and sound from it.  Thinking about shot sizes and planning. Lots of great hints and tips. 

The young people will learn to work as a film crew and record in groups doing some vox pops on camera.  We may make a vox pop on more than one subject. 

They will also script and film pieces to camera to make this into a short video package.

The children will be planning/ scripting/ filming (as a crew)/ being on camera/ editing. 

Video Experience Whole Day 

Building on what the young people learn the morning we will look at how to film an interview. This will involve research/ writing questions/ filming/ editing. 

Time permitting we will then do some scripting and film links to bring together the morning and afternoon sessions in a short film.

Video Hints and Tips Workshop – 45 mins

This is a ‘How To” session about how to get the best from your iPad when doing audio recording sessions.  Also covered:-

  • Using app
  • External microphones
  • Where to film
  • Shot size
  • Confidence in front of camera.
  • Other hints and tips.  
  • There will be time at the end of the session to try out some recording of your own. ….send your video files and get feedback.   This session is mostly talk – links to films as examples will be sent to the class if the workshop is delivered online.

Two Day Film Workshop

This workshop will allow a class to make and edit a film in two days. They will learn about scripting/ working as a crew/film material/ edit material. This covers pre-production/ production & post production.  Depending on travel involved these days can be split.  The film made can be factual or drama. Suitable for older children only. (P5-7). 


Animation Half Day

The children will learn how to do basic 2D stop frame animation using their own paper drawings. They will learn to work the animation soft ware on the iPad. Working in small groups and each group will make part of the project. 

The subject can be discussed with the teacher in advance and Jo will let you know what has to be prepared in advance of the morning.  

Animation Whole Day

We will look in more detail at the process of story boarding. This allows us to work on a more complex project that may involve audio and speech.  We will move the project onto a macbook pro and the children will have more control over their editing. 

If there is time at the end we will finish with a whole class wall doodle.  

Note: The whole project could be based around doodling. This is a great project as it has some great book tie-ins (Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Tom Gates)/ Cookie Books (Konnie Huq)/ Liz Pichon).    

However this day could be based around any subject … Jo will discuss with the teacher before hand. 

Top Tips For Animation Workshop – 30 mins

The basics on using your ipad for 2D or 3D animation. Looking at lighting, backgrounds, process, models, planning and some tips to make your project shine. This will include kit, working as a team, drawings and models, storyboarding, hints and cheats. The teacher will be given links in advance of the online session. 

Writing Workshops

4 Session Story Workshop

This is a four part writing workshop. Either delivered in two sessions in person or in 4 separate online sessions.  The workshop will take Jo Hall’s story  ‘The Door Depot”  for use an example. An audio version of the book will be given to the class to use for the duration of the workshops. 

Session 1 – Hello & getting ideas together. How do you get ideas for a story and what do you do with your ideas? Jo can suggest a place that your story can start … 

Session 2 – Building Worlds … building the world where your story will take place.  Thinking about the setting of your story …using your senses to build the world and make it come alive.

Session 3  – Characters… who will your characters be? How do you create them? Let’s hot seat our characters and find out more about them. 

Session 4 – Having a structure for your story. Thinking about how your story will start and finish and looking at the drama on the way.  Getting the building blocks in place ….and away you go. 

Lifting The Story Off The Page Workshop

A workshop about sound effects and dialogue. 

This workshop is all about writing and sound. Looking at how we can add dialogue and sound effects into our writing to make it  more effective when it is spoken aloud. Thinking about voices, speech and making sound effects. This is also about performance and what it takes to make a good audio recording of your work. 

This is a stand alone workshop but is a great add on to the  4 session workshop.

Note: This workshop can be extended for a full day and we can do audio recordings of all the children’s work. 

Bespoke Workshops

If you are looking for something special or specific for your class or school please email Jo and discuss what you are looking for.

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