Animation Workshops


Animation Half Day

The children will learn how to do basic 2D stop frame animation using their own paper drawings. The children will learn to work the animation software on the iPad. Working in small groups, each group will make part of the project. 

The subject can be discussed with the teacher in advance and Jo will let you know what has to be prepared in advance of the morning.  

Animation Whole Day

We will look in more detail at the process of story boarding. This allows us to work on a more complex project that may involve audio and speech.  We will move the project onto a macbook pro and the children will have more control over their editing. 

If there is time at the end we will finish with a whole class wall doodle.  

Note: The whole project could be based around doodling. This is a great project as it has some great book tie-ins Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Tom Gates)/ Cookie Books (Konnie Huq) and Liz Pichon.    

However this day could be based around any subject … Jo will discuss with the teacher before hand. 

Top Tips For Animation Workshop – 30 mins

The basics on using your ipad for 2D or 3D animation. Looking at lighting, backgrounds, process, models, planning and some tips to make your project shine. This will include kit, working as a team, drawings and models, storyboarding, hints and cheats. The teacher will be given links in advance of the online session. 

Bespoke Workshops

If you are looking for something special or specific for your class please email Jo and discuss what you are looking for.

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