Video Workshops

Video Experience

Video Experience Half Day

We start the session by looking at the equipment we are using and seeing how to get the best pictures and sound from it.  Thinking about shot sizes and planning. Lots of great hints and tips. 

The young people will learn to work as a film crew and record in groups doing some vox pops on camera.  We may make a vox pop on more than one subject. 

They will also script and film pieces to camera to make the project into a short video package.

The children will be planning, scripting, filming (as a crew), being on camera and editing. 

Note: Vox pops are short opinion pieces to camera.

Video Experience Whole Day 

Building on what the young people learn the morning we will look at how to film an interview. This will involve research, writing questions, filming and editing. 

Time permitting we will then do some scripting and film links to bring together the morning and afternoon sessions in a short film.

Note: This workshop can be themed as a news or wellbeing project .It can work round a class topic too. Please discuss in advance with Jo.

Video Hints and Tips Workshop – 45 mins

This is a ‘How To’ talk session about how to get the best from your iPad when doing audio recording sessions.  Also covered:-

  • Using app
  • External microphones
  • Where to film
  • Shot size
  • Confidence in front of camera.
  • Other hints and tips.  
  • There will be time at the end of the session to try out some recording of your own. ….send your video files and get feedback.   This session is mostly talk – links to films as examples will be sent to the class if the workshop is delivered online.

Two Day Film Workshop

This workshop will allow a class to make and edit a film in two days. They will learn about scripting, working as a crew, filming material, editing material. This covers pre-production/ production & post production.  Depending on travel involved these days can be split.  The film made can be factual or drama. Suitable for older children only. Jo can complete the final edit if time doesn’t allow it to be finished in the workshop. (P5-7). 

Bespoke Workshops

If you are looking for something special or specific for your class please email Jo and discuss what you are looking for.

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