St Aloysius Animation-Cop26

It’s been a while now since Glasgow was in Cop26 mode and we had people from all over the world flocking to Glasgow to try and stop climate change.  Hopefully some of the seeds sown in Glasgow will grow and develop into some meaningful actions. 

There were lots of voices raised during that time and opinions shared. I was fortunate enough to work with a group of senior pupils from St Aloysius College Art Department on a short animation, where they shared their thoughts on climate change.  

Over two days we worked from story boarding to getting rough edit together of the finished film.  Even the music was composed by young people in the music department to a brief supplied by the art students.  

I think it was a great wee film but you can judge for yourself.  The animation they made was also shared at a Glasgow Civic Reception for Cop26.  A enjoyable and meaningful project.  

By Johanna Hall

Jo Hall is a writer and provides digital media workshops for schools (video, audio, animation & writing). She also produces the JoJo Gnome Story Podcast for ages 3-6.

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