Hey Ho So Anyways Podcast

It is always exciting to work with young people and see what they do with the information from my workshops. I recently did a podcasting workshop with a group of young people from Aberdeen Grammar.  The workshop had to be online due to Covid and this was new to me with this kind of workshop. However it was great that technology allowed us to go ahead and work with each other – the pupils in Aberdeen and me in my office just outside Glasgow.   

The session was about interviews and podcasting tailored to their podcasting group. After we had talked about doing interviews and I had passed on a few hints and tips, the group immediately put their newfound knowledge into practice. They interviewed Dallas King from Aberdeen City Libraries remotely (facilitated by their brilliant librarian /teacher Miss Gould…a real ‘can do type person’). Questions ranged from e-books to the ghost in the library.   

With this building block in place the young people went away and finished their podcast ‘Hey Ho So Anyways’ episode on books called ‘Books – A Trip To The Aquarium’.  My absolute favourite part of their podcast is where these incredibly articulate young folk do an interesting round table chat about reading.  It’s refreshing to hear such enthusiasm for reading and books. I loved when one person said about writers using difficult language just for the sake of it   

“It’s like a cake that’s too sweet”.

Another pertinent comment was 

“…teenager don’t read…no! …some of us do read.” 

Not only do these teenagers read they have great ideas and can express them too. 

So I’ll look forward to having a cup of coffee and settling down to listen to the next episode of  ‘Hey Ho So Anyways’ …whatever the topic it might be. 

You can find Hey Ho So Anyways’ here at https://sites.google.com/ab-ed.org/heyhosoanyways/home. Don’t be fooled where it says on the page ‘5 eejits trying to make a podcast’, they did make a podcast and they are anything but eejits!

By Johanna Hall

Jo Hall is a writer and provides digital media workshops for schools (video, audio, animation & writing). She also produces the JoJo Gnome Story Podcast for ages 3-6.

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