Jo Hall

Head shot of Jo Hall

Jo Hall

Jo Hall is a writer and workshop provider based in Scotland.

A former BBC senior learning Producer, Jo worked with BBC Scotland outreach for 12 years teaching young people to make films, animations and podcasts.  She ran BBC Scotland’s  L.A.B project and  worked on various BBC Projects (Young Reporter, Build It Scotland, Authors Live).

Jo is also a writer and has written for Cbeebies television (Balamory, Me Too, Nina & the Neurons , Molly & Mack). She has also written and produced radio programmes and radio drama for BBC Schools Radio.

Currently Jo produces the podcast ‘JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast’. She also writes a series of books about her  character JoJo Gnome. You can find all things JoJo Gnome at

Jo is happy to work on projects with schools, charities and businesses so please get in touch to chat.

For more information you can find Jo Hall’s LinkedIn profile at

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