Here are some of the comments and feedback from previous workshops.

JoJo Gnome Story Workshops

“The children loved the workshop and it was perfectly suited to them.” (P1 teacher Chirnsyde Primary , Glasgow)

“One of the best things I’ve seen in school in a long time!” (Heather Sudden, Principal Teacher St Benedict’s Primary, Glasgow) 

“Thank you to JoJo Gnome for an inspirational week of digital literacy exploration. Through social media we were captivated into a world of imagination and adventure. The pinnacle was when JoJo Gnome & the Sound Machine came to nursery for the day to finish our stories and make movies together. Haste ye back! “(Kate O’Neill, Head of Cornton Nursery, Stirling, Scotland)

Sound Workshop

“Thank you very much for today, we all had a lovely time and enjoyed your session a lot! One girl in my class commented ‘I can’t believe that was the real Jo Hall I just met there!’ She loves books and stories and was very excited to meet you!”(P 1/2 Teacher Chirnsyde Primary)

Writing Workshop – Building Characters

“Thank you so much for today’s workshop; the children thoroughly enjoyed the content and meeting JoJo Gnome. A few of them even asked if you were joining us after lunch. I thought the session was very engaging, age and stage appropriate, and had a great element of fun to it. I would highly recommend your workshops. Thank you again!” (P3 Teacher Chirnsyde Primary, Glasgow)

Video Experience Workshop

“I have had the pleasure of doing several workshops with Jo. Her workshops are exciting and engaging and I am always blown away by how much she achieves in such a short period of time.”  (Rachel Allen Primary Teacher, Strathblane, Scotland)

Podcasting/ Interview Workshop

Feedback from pupils from Aberdeen City Secondary school the best thing about the workshop was:-

“Jo was very energetic and charismatic – it was interesting to listen to her”

“It was interesting and new”

“The methods of using sound to write a scene were interesting.”

“Creating and acting our own characters”

Feedback from the class teachers:-

“I’d just like to say I really enjoyed Thursday afternoon’s workshop – it was fun and I think inspirational!” (KF)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop it was really engaging. I personally learnt so much and had fun taking part in the exercises too. It was clear at the end everyone was inspired as they began workshopping their monologues as a group afterwards.” (RG)

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